Book #3 Tingara Series

“Three women arrive in Tingara for different reasons and become friends. Romance enters their lives along the way as each struggles to find what they seek.”

Dumped redhead, Maggie Ellis, buys a neglected cottage, Lakeside, in Tingara on acreage to start her life over and fulfil her dream of owning a garden nursery.

Divorced truck driver and single dad, Nick Logan, has his hands full enough raising three sons alone without getting distracted by his new neighbour.

Can Maggie and Nick lose their caution to overcome personal issues and allow their love to grow?

From spring to summer, two Stony Creek Way neighbours in MAGGIE’S GARDEN share a moving and heart-warming story of discovery, releasing past emotions on the path to creating a family of their own.

Maggie's Garden Book #3 Tingara Series