Book #2 Tingara Series

“Three women arrive in Tingara for different reasons and become friends. Romance enters their lives along the way as each struggles to find what they need.”

Workaholic accountant, Hannah Charles, takes a leap of faith and a badly needed holiday in a house swap from the Cotswolds to converted St. Anne’s church in Tingara, Australia.

Easy going architect-cum-artist, Will Bennett, has family estrangement issues and lives an alternative lifestyle in the small country town.

Can an untidy artist and a guilt ridden runaway overcome their differences and distance enough to let love grow?

From a chocolate box cottage in the Cotswolds to Gum Tree Lane in a winter deep Australian country town, and on to the Mediterranean, HANNAH’S HOLIDAY is a flight of adventure across the world all about letting go and moving on.


Hannah's Holiday, Book #2 Tingara Series